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. . . channeled from spirit for your awakening

Emerald Tablets

The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond

. . . ancient wisdom rewritten for the present-time truth seeker
by Ashalyn & Thoth the Atlantean.

Thoth channeled this book through Ashalyn. It is a revised version of Dr. Marcel Doreal’s book,The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean, that was published in 1939. This book is much easier to read. It is a duplicate of Doreal’s original text, edited by Thoth and Ashalyn for the 21st century reader. All that was written in it is true. It talks about Thoth, who was an immortal King-Priest of Atlantis over 40,000 years ago, and his experiences in Atlantis, Lemuria and Khem (ancient Egypt) on his quest for knowledge. The legend of Atlantis is true, which may become evident to you while reading the book.

Emerald Tablets, Mt. Shasta, Ashalyn, channeled books

Ashalyn’s first channeled book – September 2011

When Atlantis was sinking beneath the ocean, Thoth took his space ship and those he could trust, along with his sacred documents and items of power and flew to Khem. There he became King-Priest for 10,000 years and helped the people there create a civilization almost equal to Atlantis. The Great Pyramid was built during that time, as a place to rejuvenate oneself and align Earth to the cosmos.

Adama Discourses

Adama Discourses

. . . walking the light path with intention & purpose

by Ashalyn & Adama the Telosian.

The Inner Earth city of Telos exists beneath Mount Shasta in Northern California. Let Adama Discourses take you on empowering exploratory journeys into the world of spirit and all possibility to learn more about yourself and the world. Adama, who lives in Telos, teaches you to use your intuitive skills, connect with your intuitive self and other spirits, and find the truth within. The guided meditations take you into the oneness of all things and to visit Telosian temples, etc. Raise your vibrational frequency, heal yourself and expand your conscious awareness. He also shares his experiences in previous lifetimes to expand your view of reality.

Adama Discourses, Ashalyn's 2nd channeled book - June 2015

Adama Discourses, Ashalyn’s 2nd channeled book – June 2015


Adama Discourses talks about the rise and fall of the continent of Lemuria, Adama’s previous home. And how the Lemurians came to live in the city of Telos. The Telosians, adhere to peaceful, joyful, loving interactions in all they do and want to share their ideas about that with you. As love returns, peace ensues and people become peace-loving, creative individuals who respect and honor Earth and all sentient beings.


And the Earth Spoke

And the Earth Spoke
…true stories to inspire & awaken

as told by sentient Earth beings to Ashalyn

Ashalyn’s new book, And the Earth Spoke, is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase right here.

Ashalyn's third channeled book - March 2016

Ashalyn’s third channeled book
March 2016

And the Earth Spoke is a compilation of the poems and stories given to Ashalyn from sentient Earth beings over the past 25 years. The beings on the front cover are some of the many who contributed to this uplifting book. All life has consciousness and most sentient beings are aware that they are one with all of Creation, just like you. What they’ve shared with Ashalyn may surprise you, or maybe you’ve heard similar messages from them. They certainly love you and want to share more.

There was a time on Earth when all sentient beings worked together and peaceful, loving communications between species were the accepted norm. May And the Earth Spoke remind you of those times and open your eyes to the wealth of information you can gather when you communicate with sentient Earth beings.

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