Emerald Tablets Sample Chapter

Chapter Six
Humility as Strength

At this time, the integrity of many who are in power on Earth is nowhere near the integrity of the horse we just read about [in Chapter 5]. People often say one thing and do another, blaming others for creating difficult situations, not themselves. Truth often has nothing to do with the decisions that are made by the high ranking individuals who are often more concerned about holding onto their wealth and positions of power rather than bettering society. This situation can only exist for so long. Eventually people see behind the lies. Governance is much more effective when the leaders care about the people first and their own pocket books second. Leaders who value peace, harmony and balance in all aspects of life are also the same leaders who are humble enough to admit that they don’t have all the answers. They embrace and even employ those who come to them with new, innovative ideas and inventions.

You live on a planet of very creative, intellectual, strong men, women and children. There isn’t anything you can’t do once you set your mind to it. There is a progressive mindset that, once released, can literally solve all the world’s problems. You also have many people who make their daily decisions based on the highest good of all concerned. These are the ones who go to bed at night with a smile on their face, looking forward to the next day with no fears or regrets. These caring people understand the consequences of their actions. They know that what goes around, comes around. They are also humble enough to know that controlling the world does not work to anyone’s benefit.

Those who are not working for the highest good of all are most often living in the old paradigm of fear, greed and control. They believe the only way to success is by being the biggest, richest, meanest and most knowledgeable person(s) in the world. In order to keep that status, they must constantly fight to protect what they’ve already accrued. Often, they hire, cajole or literally force the less fortunate, uneducated masses to do their fighting for them while they continue vying for that coveted position of great power. These controllers have always done whatever it takes to gain control and are not about to give it up. They are afraid that innovative ideas and people will overthrow them or put them out of business, so they do not allow those ideas to grow. Hence, the attitude, “Whatever threatens our position of power shall not be allowed to happen.”

Because of this attitude, many innovative creators and inventors worldwide have been threatened if they allow their projects to become public knowledge. For example, power companies can’t afford to have people know that free energy devices are now available and ready to be sold. Big oil companies don’t want people creating cars that consume less or even no gasoline. Often the creators and inventors are forced to either hide their ideas until it’s safe to expose them to the public or they end up selling their patents for a pittance in order to survive. This allows the controllers to greedily keep their positions of superiority.

The qualities of love, respect, truth and humility have been sorely discounted by those who are enmeshed in the power struggle. One who lives life by those qualities is often seen as weak and ineffective – an easy target for those who live a life of control and manipulation. When in truth, those of integrity are the ones that will be able to change old patterns and create new ways of living together in peace, love and harmony.

“So how have we strayed so far from the truth in our interactions with each other?” you may be asking yourselves. “What can we do to begin to change that situation?” As consumers you have the ultimate power. You can make or break any corporation by your spending habits. So it is important for consumers to learn about which company has integrity and which one doesn’t. No matter how difficult that may seem, it must be done in order to regain balance in your cities and countries throughout the world.

Perhaps you can learn a few lessons from your ancestors who lived on this planet many eons ago. I, Thoth, would like to take you back to a time that I am very familiar with, just before the islands of Atlantis disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean. During the final years of our existence in Atlantis, many of my people chose to worship the gods of greed and avarice, which literally destroyed everything, as far as the eye could see.

After that destruction, I went to Khem [ancient Egypt]. There the people were living in caves and very angry to see us. I eventually helped them to create a civilization that came close to equaling the magnificence once found in Atlantis. Part of that story is recorded in the following verse from The Emerald Tablets.

I, Thoth the Atlantean,
Master of Mysteries, Keeper of Records,

mighty King and magician
who lived from generation to generation,
share my experiences of great Atlantis
for the guidance of those who come after.

In the great city of Keor
on the island of Undal,
I lived in a time far past.
Not as the little men of the present age
did the mighty ones of Atlantis live and die,
but rather from eon to eon.
They renewed their life in the Halls of Amenti
where the River of Life flows eternally onward.

A hundred times ten have I descended [to Amenti]
the dark way that led into light.
And as many times have I ascended
from the darkness into the light,
my strength and power renewed.

Now for a time I descend,
and the men of Khem will know me no more.
But in a time yet unborn
will I rise again, mighty and potent,
requiring an accounting of that left behind me.

Then beware, O men of Khem,
if you have falsely betrayed my teaching,
for I shall cast you down from your high estate
into the darkness of the caves from whence you came.
Betray not my secrets.
Share them with the men of the North
and the men of the South.
Remember and heed my words,
for surely will I return again
and require of you that which you have done.
Even from beyond time
and from beyond death will I return.
[Thoth returned many years later
and presented the emerald plates to them.]

Great were my people in the ancient days,
great beyond the conception
of the little people now around me;
knowing the wisdom of old,
seeking far within the heart of infinity
knowledge that taught of Earth’s youth.

Wise were we
with the wisdom of the Children of Light
who dwelled among us.
Strong were we with the power
drawn from the Eternal Fire.

And of all these,
greatest among the children of men
was my father, Thotme,
keeper of the great Temple of Unal,
link between the Children of Light
and the races of men who inhabited the ten islands.
Thotme was mouthpiece, along with the three,
of the Dweller of Unal,
speaking to kings with the voice that must be obeyed.

There I grew from a child into manhood,
being taught the elder mysteries by my father.
Until in time there grew within me
the fire of wisdom,
that burst into an all consuming flame.

The attainment of wisdom was all I desired,
until one great day the command came
from The Dweller of the Temple
that I be brought before Him.
Few there were among the children of men
who had looked upon His mighty face and lived.

The sons of men are the Children of Light
incarnate in a physical body.
Chosen was I from the sons of men;
taught by The Dweller
so that His purposes might be fulfilled,
a purpose once born in the Womb of Time.

Long ages I studied in the Temple,
learning ever more wisdom,
until I, too, approached the light
emitted from the Great Fire.
The Dweller taught me the path to Amenti,
the underworld where the Great King sits
upon His throne of might.

Deeply I bowed in homage there
before the Lords of Life
and the Lords of Death,
receiving as my gift the Key of Life.
Free was I of the Halls of Amenti,
bound not to death in the circle of life.

Far to the stars I journeyed
until space and time became as naught.
Then, having drunk deeply from the Cup of Wisdom,
I looked into the hearts of men.
There I found greater mysteries and was glad,
for only in the search for truth
could my soul be stilled
and the Flame within be quenched.

Down through the ages I lived,
seeing those around me taste of the cup of death
and return again to the light of life.

Gradually from within the kingdoms of Atlantis
passed waves of consciousness
that had once been of like mind with me,
only to be replaced by those of a lower star.

In obedience to the Law,
the word of the Master grew into flower.
Downward into the darkness
turned the thoughts of the Atlanteans,
until at last, in His wrath
The Dweller arose from His Agwanti,
speaking The Word,
and calling the Power.

Deep in Earth’s heart,
the Sons of Amenti heard The Dweller.
And hearing, directed a change of frequency
in the Flower of Fire that burns eternally,
changing and shifting, using the Logos
until that Great Fire fluttered
and changed all that once was in Atlantis.

Over Atlantis then came the great waters,
drowning and sinking,
changing Earth’s balance
until only the Temple of Light was left standing
on the great mountain of Undal,
still showing above the water.
Some there were still alive,
saved from the rush of the ocean waters.

The Master then called to me, saying,
“Gather together my people.
Take them by the arts you have learned
far across the waters,
until you reach the land of those people
dwelling in the caves of the desert.
Follow there the plan that you know.”

I then gathered these people
and entered the great ship of the Master.
Upward we rose into the morning.
Dark beneath us lay the Temple.

Suddenly over it rose the waters.
Vanished from Earth,
until the time appointed,
was the great Temple.

As we were running towards the Temple, the ground beneath us was shaking and crumbling. We made it to the space ship as the last mountain on Atlantis was being consumed by the ocean waves. This great loss was so overwhelmingly felt by all, that I could barely operate the ship I had flown many times. Imagine such a magnificent place simply disappearing, right before your eyes. That moment will be permanently embedded in the memory of those fortunate few who were with me on that tragic occasion.

Today, here on Planet Earth, you are standing at the brink of that same disaster becoming an actual reality. That is why it is so important to start shifting your reality to one that is more compassionate, respectful and loving of each other and all aspects of creation.

Fast we fled toward the sun of the morning [east],
until beneath our ship
arrived in the land of the children of Khem.
Raging, they came with cudgels and spears,
lifted in anger, seeking to slay
and utterly destroy the sons of Atlantis.

Then raised I my staff
and directed a ray of vibration
striking them still in their tracks,
like fragments of stone on the mountain.
Then I spoke to them in words calm and peaceful,
telling them of the might of Atlantis,
that we were Children of the Sun and its messengers.
I amazed them by my display of magic-science.
When I released them,
they groveled at my feet.

After that display, they became humble servants to our cause. They knew a great deal about their surroundings – about food and water sources, dangers to be aware of, the hierarchal structure of their tribesmen and women and much more. All of that was incredibly important information that they gladly shared with us as we were settling in to their home terrain – a service we were very grateful for. We soon became good friends and, with their willing assistance, became co-creators of a highly advanced society. There was gratefulness on both sides, as we humbled ourselves in the face of each others expertise. This attitude made it possible for us to share our personal talents for benefit the whole.

Long dwelled we in the land of Khem,
doing great works by the wisdom within me.
Upward into the light of knowledge
grew the children of Khem,
watered by the rains of my wisdom.

I then blasted a path to Amenti
so that I might retain my powers,
living from age to age, a Son of Atlantis,
keeping the wisdom, preserving the records.

Obeying the commands of the Master,
who while sleeping, still lives eternally,
I sent from Khem the sons of Atlantis,
in many directions around the world,
so that from the Womb of Time
wisdom might rise again in her children.

Great grew the sons of Khem,
conquering the people around them,
growing slowly upwards in soul force.
Now for a time I go from among them
into the dark Halls of Amenti,
deep within the Earth,
before the Lords of the Powers,
face to face once again with The Dweller.

I raised high a gateway over the entrance,
a doorway leading down to Amenti.
Few there would be with courage to dare it;
few pass through the portal to dark Amenti.

I raised over the passage to Amenti
a mighty pyramid [the Great Pyramid]
using the power that overcomes Earth force.
Deep and yet deeper inside the earth
I placed a force-house or chamber.
From it I carved a circular passage
reaching almost to the great summit.
There in the apex I set a crystal,
sending a ray into space,
drawing the force from out of the ether,
focusing upon the gateway to Amenti.

Other chambers I built and left seemingly vacant,
yet hidden within are the keys to Amenti.
He who in courage would dare the dark realms,
let him be purified first by long fasting.
Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my Chamber
[the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid]
where I will reveal to him the great mysteries.
Soon shall he know where I will meet him,
within the darkness of Earth.
I, Thoth, Lord of Wisdom,
will meet him and hold him
and dwell with him always.

I built the Great Pyramid,
patterned after the pyramid of earth force,
burning eternally so that it, too,
might remain through the ages.
In it I built my knowledge of magic-science
so that it might be there
when again I return from Amenti.

While I sleep in the Halls of Amenti,
my soul roaming free will incarnate
and dwell among men in one form or another.
Emissary on Earth am I of The Dweller,
fulfilling his commands to help uplift man.

Now I return to the Halls of Amenti,
leaving behind me some of my wisdom.
Preserve and keep the commands of The Dweller.
Lift ever upwards your eyes toward the light.

Surely in time you will be One with the Master.
Surely by right you are One with the Master.
Surely by right you are One with the All.

Now for a time I descend to Amenti
and the men of  Khem shall know me no more.
Know my commandments,
keep them and be them
and I will be with you,
helping and guiding you into the Light.

Now before me opens the portal.
I go down into the darkness of night.


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