And the Earth Spoke

And the Earth Spoke
…true stories to inspire & awaken

as told by sentient Earth beings to Ashalyn

Ashalyn’s new book, And the Earth Spoke, is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase right here.

Ashalyn's third channeled book - March 2016

Ashalyn’s third channeled book
March 2016

And the Earth Spoke is a compilation of the poems and stories given to Ashalyn from sentient Earth beings over the past 25 years. The beings on the front cover are some of the many who contributed to this uplifting book. All life has consciousness and most sentient beings are aware that they are one with all of Creation, just like you. What they’ve shared with Ashalyn may surprise you, or maybe you’ve heard similar messages from them. They certainly love you and want to share more.

There was a time on Earth when all sentient beings worked together and peaceful, loving communications between species were the accepted norm. May And the Earth Spoke remind you of those times and open your eyes to the wealth of information you can gather when you communicate with sentient Earth beings.

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Ashalyn has been channeling since 1980 and has received poems and stories from many different spirits. She doesn’t write poems, she receives them. She’s been given over 200 poems from the nature spirits and the spirit of the Earth Mother.  Trees, flowers, mountains, rocks, cliffs, birds fairies, trolls and even the animals have shared their thoughts about life with Ashalyn. You can read them in her book, And the Earth Spoke. Here is one of those poems.


May 29, 1993: As I sat on a cliff, high above Faery Falls, I heard these words in my mind, “Tell me tales of times before man came upon this Earth.” So I started writing.


Earth on Times Past
by the Spirit of the Earth Mother


Creatures floated through me
hoping to become a part
of this Great Mystery
this great time-to-be.

They would leave with me
their signatures
like blueprints
of what they had to offer me.

Signed, sealed and delivered
these blueprints were . . .
like packages in the ethers
bringing joy and excitement to me
of times to come
of things to be.

The joy of those sweet moments
comes to me again and again
as I lay full of life and beaming
proudly displaying what is.

I remember the beginning
the excitement
and the thrill
of placing upon me
God’s great gifts . . .
each in its own perfect state.


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